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Fancy your chances at 1 in 24,500…?
National Savings & Investments have increased their interest rates – and boosted a chance of winning. Read More
Venture capital schemes and the Budget
The Autumn Budget included a raft of measures focused on venture capital schemes. Read More
The quiet NIC increases
The first Budget of 2017 in March hit a serious obstacle when the Chancellor attempted to raise national insurance contributions (NICs) for the self-employed. This time around he was subtler in his approach. Read More
The only way is up – after 3,773 days…
November marked the first rise in the Bank of England Base Rate in over ten years. Read More
The buy-to-let Budget headline you didn’t see
The Autumn Budget contained more bad news for many buy-to-let investors which went largely unnoticed. Read More
A different ending for Japan’s election gamble
Not all snap elections turn out the same way... Read More
Almost but not quite – near miss on inflation helps boost interest rate
September inflation was just low enough to spare Mark Carney writing to the Chancellor. And helped spur the first interest rate rise in a decade. Read More
Rise in popularity for venture capital trusts
New figures from HMRC show a large jump in VCT investments in 2016/17. Read More
A pensioners’ bonanza?
State pensions will rise by 3% next April, but it’s not all strictly good news. Read More
Has your income risen by 14.3% over the past year?
Statistics show that dividends from UK shares are still rising rapidly. Read More
Markets rise against the grain in Q3
Shares rose in Q3 despite the lack of positive news. Read More
Venture capital schemes: changes afoot?
Consultation on financing innovation growth may spell changes to VCTs. Read More
Gearing up for the Autumn Budget
What space does the Chancellor have for change in his Autumn Budget in November? Read More
Markets look to an early interest rate rise
Markets bring interest rate rise predictions forward. Read More
Cash ISAs losing favour
Stocks and shares ISAs catching up with cash sibling. Read More
A sleeping dragon wakes on tax avoidance
HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has come closer to using its weapon of last resort against tax avoidance schemes. Read More
A Junior ISA with a minor interest rate
National Savings & Investments (NS&I) have launched their first Junior ISA. Read More
Self-employed struggle to save
Self-employment is the dream of many, especially as the goal of retirement seems to creep further out of reach.
Being your own boss sounds great. But there are drawbacks. Around two million of the country’s self-employed workers are unable to save any money each month, leaving them vulnerable to financial shocks.
Read More
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